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Skilled Insurance Defense Attorneys Help Companies in Dothan and Throughout Alabama in Wrongful Death Cases

Defending companies in courts throughout the state

In wrongful death cases, insurance companies can be on the hook for heavy payouts to victims in the range of six figures or even higher. As an insurance defense firm, Shealy, Crum & Pike has the knowledge and experience to fight for the rights of your company either at the negotiating table or in court to protect your interests against frivolous lawsuits and excessive payments. Your financial well-being depends on effective defense against potentially costly wrongful death cases. When you come to the Dothan office of Shealy, Crum & Pike, you will receive the comprehensive legal services you need to protect your business moving forward.

Causes of wrongful death

Wrongful death may occur because of any number of circumstances, such as:

  • Traffic accidents — Everyday car or motorcycle accidents result in severe injuries and fatalities. This is especially true in truck accidents because the size of a big rig can cause massive damage, including brain injuries. Shealy, Crum & Pike, represents medical and car insurance companies that are being asked to make large payouts in accident cases.
  • Workplace injuries — Work-related accidents are common, especially in work sites such as manufacturing plants, construction zones or other job sites where large equipment or dangerous conditions exist. In many cases, catastrophic injuries occur, making the worker unable to work to support a family. Shealy, Crum & Pike, represents insurance providers and self-insured companies that have been sued for damages in a workplace injury case.
  • Products liability — Defective products or machinery are often blamed for injuries or a wrongful death. The attorneys at Shealy, Crum & Pike defend insurance companies that are representing the company implicated in the accident.

Depending on the nature of the case, the attorneys at Shealy, Crum & Pike challenge the evidence presented in court and work with a number of resources to get you results. Juries will usually side with victims at first, but with effective evidence, eye-witness testimony and the help of a network of professional resources on your side, the firm has what it takes to provide you with a comprehensive defense.

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