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Insurance Defense Lawyers Handling Trucking Accident Cases in Alabama

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Trucking accidents are common throughout Alabama, and the resulting personal injury lawsuits that follow often cost insurance companies thousands, if not millions, of dollars in settlements. Shealy, Crum & Pike is fully equipped to provide insurance companies and self-insured businesses throughout the state with comprehensive defense services in the face of potentially devastating lawsuits. The firm goes through either negotiation or litigation to reduce the costs of a payout or get the case thrown out altogether. With more than 70 years of combined experience, the attorneys at Shealy, Crum & Pike have the knowledge you need on your side.

Startling truck accident statistics

The statistics about trucking accidents are quite shocking, according to the United States Department of Transportation:

  • One in eight traffic fatalities involves a truck collision
  • There are approximately 500,000 truck accidents each year, with approximately 5,000 resulting in a fatality
  • Only about 2% of the truck collision fatalities each year are truck drivers; the other approximately 98% are the individuals in passenger vehicles, or non-occupants

The personal injury lawsuits that follow these accidents often demand that insurance companies provide heavy payouts to individuals and families. The attorneys at Shealy, Crum & Pike understand this and are ready to provide your company with effective legal advice and representation after a claim is filed. The legal team on staff works to find you the most affordable option on your case.

How we help

The goal of Shealy, Crum & Pike is to resolve your case with minimal cost to you. This is accomplished through amicable negotiations with the accident victim, as opposed to litigation. However, if trial is unavoidable, the legal team at the firm is ready to provide you with an aggressive defense aimed at getting you results.

The attorneys at Shealy, Crum & Pike use their extensive experience with Alabama’s insurance law to craft legal strategies specifically tailored for your case. Accident recreations, professional testimony, police reports and other forms of visual evidence are key to helping the firm effectively defend its clients.

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