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Dothan Insurance Defense Attorneys Fight Catastrophic Injury Lawsuits Throughout Alabama

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For insurance companies, a catastrophic injury lawsuit can cost a fortune in legal fees and claim settlements. Furthermore if long-term care is involved, insurance companies can be paying coverage compensation to plaintiffs every month for the foreseeable future. However what if these claims aren’t justified? At the law firm of Shealy, Crum & Pike, a dedicated staff of attorneys is ready to defend the rights of your company and combat these frivolous claims when you are taken to trial. With more than 70 years of combined experience between the attorneys on staff, these litigators are ready to fight for what is in the best interest of your company moving forward.

A zealous legal team ready to take on a range of injury cases

Shealy, Crum & Pike represents insurance companies and self-insured businesses statewide that are dealing with personal injuries resulting from a variety of circumstances, including workplace injuries, car and motorcycle crashes, truck accidents,  public transportation accidents, amputations and loss of life. The defense attorneys at the firm have the knowledge to defend you during negotiations and the resources to challenge any evidence against you in court.

The lawyers on staff at Shealy, Crum & Pike have extensive experience handling insurance defense cases involving a range of injuries, such as:

  • Head injury — Head injuries may be external and obvious to the naked eye, or internal, and not so easy to determine.  Closed-head injuries (such as concussions and contusions), skull fractures, brain bleeds, and brain hemorrhages, which may result in seizures, vision problems, and diminished mental capacity.
  • Spine injury — Spinal cord injuries can cause permanent disability or loss of movement and sensation below the area where the injury occurred. This loss of movement is called paralysis.
  • Brain injury — Serious brain injuries can affect all functions, including movement, thought, emotion and personality.
  • Workplace accident — We work with employers and insurance companies throughout the state to fight against unjust workers’ compensation claims to limit any extraneous costs to your business.

Juries tend to sympathize with victims, which could lead to a resolution that pays plaintiffs at least six figures. We defend against that sympathy by presenting objective evidence during negotiations or at court designed to give juries an accurate account of the accident and subsequent injuries that followed. With the proper defense on your side, your claim settlement can be reduced or thrown out completely.

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