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Car Accident Attorney in Dothan, AL Represents Clients with Auto and Motorcycle Crashes

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Car and motorcycle accidents are among the most prevalent personal injury claims in Tuscaloosa and Dothan, Alabama. The judgments on these cases can bring along thousands—sometimes millions—of dollars in damages that insurance companies have to pay. The attorneys at Shealy, Crum & Pike have extensive experience with Alabama’s insurance law, and they understand how effectively to defend insurance companies during these cases. The firm’s goal is to either get any payouts reduced or get a case thrown out altogether. Whether your case can be resolved through amicable negotiations or litigation, Shealy, Crum & Pike is prepared to get you the results your company deserves.

Types of car and motorcycle accidents we cover

Drivers in Alabama—and throughout the country—may be involved in many types of car wrecks or motorcycle crashes caused by speeding, running a red light and failure to yield. These accidents can result in:

  • Rear-end collisions
  • Intersection collisions/ Side impact collisions
  • Highway accidents
  • Hit and run accidents

How Shealy, Crum & Pike defend you against car and motorcycle accident claims

Our skilled and experienced attorneys have a range of strategies focused on defending you and your company against auto and car accident claims. These strategies include:

  • Accident reconstruction — The team at Shealy, Crum & Pike has a network of skilled professionals who can accurately reconstruct an accident scene to clearly establish who is at fault. In addition to clearing drivers and companies of wrongdoing, this strategy is meant to eliminate the liability on the part of the insurance company involved. This strategy is key during negotiations and litigation.
  • Hiring medical professionals — Juries tend to side with accident victims, especially if physical evidence of their injuries is presented. Shealy, Crum & Pike combats that inclination by hiring skilled medical professionals to give an objective prognosis of these injuries that aren’t clouded by the subjectivity of the prosecution.
  • Automobile experts — If a manufacturer is charged by an injured driver with producing unsafe parts or automobiles, the resulting insurance payouts can be costly. To defend the rights of your company, Shealy, Crum & Pike is ready to bring in professionals from across the automobile industry to examine the parts involved in the crash to prove their safety and reduce blame or liability.

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