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Insurance Defence

Insurance defense- The attorneys at Shealy, Crum & Pike have the knowledge and skill to help insurance corporations deal with insurance defense cases in Alabama, Florida, and Georgia. Insurance claims, insurance coverage, compliance and subrogation are just some of the issues that Shealy, Crum & Pike can help clients with in both federal and state court throughout the pretrial and trial processes. The insurance defense lawyers provide the extensive knowledge needed to provide competent and complete legal representation.

Bad Faith Defense

One of the most commonly filed lawsuits against insurance carriers is an allegation of bad faith. Bad faith is an intentional fraudulent act. When an insurance company is involved in a claim, Shealy, Crum & Pike makes sure the action was appropriate. If not, the firm builds a case to determine if the denial was made in bad faith. The experienced bad faith defense attorneys argue in your favor for a result satisfactory to you.

Disputes over insurance coverage

Another common claim against insurance companies concerns coverage issues. Not all circumstances and assets are subject to coverage from loss.  The litigation team has experience evaluating the terms of your policy and explains how coverage is defined. The firm aggressively negotiates and litigates coverage claims, so precedents are established.

Tirelessly fighting for clients' rights

The attorneys of Shealy, Crum & Pike have over seventy combined years of experience and a winning tradition of insurance defense in Alabama. Their clients include individuals, small businesses, large corporations, conglomerates, and insurers who trust Shealy, Crum & Pike for their commitment and reputation of getting the best possible outcomes in insurance defense cases.


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